Digital Dost - The next e-xperience in investing

Technology has now become a universal aspect of each and every element of mutual fund operations – be it transaction processing, fund management, customer service or distribution.

Asides of the widespread efforts being undertaken by AMCs to educate the masses on Mutual Fund investing, possibly one of the single biggest drivers of growth has been ‘technology as an enabler’ for the overall ecosystem.

We at L&T Mutual Fund, take the next step to e-investing by welcoming you all to Digital Dost – your online office.

What is Digital Dost?

Digital Dost is a new and improved platform that has been designed to offer you a convenient investing experience. You can recommend schemes to your customer base, know the status of your latest transactions, generate accounts statement, review through a dashboard, initiate SIP renewal reminders to your customer base. All this and more with just a few clicks and all under the same digital roof. Your ARN number is linked to every transaction, thereby, making the online investing experience complete without any hassle.

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Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.