CEO Speak

Kailash Kulkarni

With the onset of rains, the sweltering heat is giving way to lush greenery as the monsoons progress across the country. Good monsoons indicate good times for the economy, hence, good times for the markets as well. It gives me great pleasure to inform you that L&T Mutual Fund achieved the milestone of Rs. 50,000 Crores of Assets under Management (“AUM”) in the month of June 2017 (Source: CAMS).



Investing for a secure future

In today's world, financial security for individuals of any age is an absolute must. It is likely that at different points in your life you would have sole or partial responsibility to make financial decisions that have the potential to impact your future standard of living later in life. So whether you are single, married or divorced or run a business, a job or have kids, it is important to invest for a secure future.


Distributor Corner


Single tax structure which will replace every indirect tax on goods and services, levied by State and Central Government.


Fund of the month

L&T Business Cycles Fund

All economies go through “Business Cycles” and every stage of the business cycle impacts performance of each sector that largely drives the performance of equity market. Thus, timely selection of the prospective sectors that could benefit in different market cycles could provide great opportunity to generate alpha. Invest in L&T Business Cycles Fund that adopts business cycle approach by identifying economic trends and strategically investing in the sectors and stocks that are likely to outperform at that stage of business cycle ...



Service Updates

The Power of three now in one.

Presenting Multi-Scheme SIP. Now you can purchase 3 funds and pay with just one cheque or ECS mandate. You can also switch schemes or alter the amounts within your SIPs at one go. What better way to enjoy convenience and ease with just one shot!


Did You Know?

Mutual Fund SIPs accounts stood at Rs. 1.40 crore

Mutual Funds have currently about 1.40 crore (14 million) Systematic Investment Plan (“SIP”) accounts through which investors regularly invest in Mutual Fund schemes. Association of Mutual Funds in India (“AMFI”) data shows that the MF industry had added about 6.26 lacs SIP accounts each month ...


19 lakh new investors in Mutual Funds added in April-May 2017

Mutual fund houses added close to 19 lakh investor accounts in April-May of 2017-18, taking the total tally to a record 5.72 crore, driven by growing interest from retail and HNI investors alike. This is on top of 77 lakh folios added in the entire past fiscal and 59 lakh in the preceding financial year.


L&T Business Cycles Fund - An open ended equity growth scheme.

The product is suitable for investors who are seeking*:

  • Long term capital appreciation
  • Investment predominantly in equity and equity-related securities, including equity derivatives in Indian markets, with focus on riding business cycles through dynamic allocation between various sectors and stocks at different stages of business cycles in the economy

*Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.