CEO Speak

With the onset of rains, the sweltering heat is giving way to lush greenery as the monsoons progress across the country. Good monsoons indicate good times for the economy, hence, good times for the markets as well.

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that L&T Mutual Fund achieved the milestone of Rs. 50,000 Crores of Assets under Management (“AUM”) in the month of June 2017 (Source: CAMS). While the month end average AUM figure may vary, we look at this achievement with great pride and humility. Pride – as it is the cumulative result of the consistent hard work and dedication of the entire team at L & T Mutual Fund which has ensured that our funds remain relevant to the times, gave healthy returns and helped in wealth creation for investors over the years. Humility – As none of this would have been possible without the trust and confidence placed in us by each and every investor and distribution partner through the years .We are ever so thankful to all our investors & partners for having placed faith in us and sincerely hope that you would continue to do so in times to come.

As the Indian Mutual Fund Industry has grown many folds in the last 10 years, it is slowly and steadily becoming a preferred investment choice of the retail investors in India. Like many in the industry, we too have contributed regularly in every possible way towards investor education and mutual fund awareness through multiple channels, activities and campaigns through the past few years.

The confluence of emerging technology and enabling regulation has facilitated us in making the experience of investing into mutual funds simpler and seamless .We additionally follow a disciplined approach to investment and risk management. Our proprietary investment process - GEM - comprises three main steps to investing: Generation of Ideas, Evaluation of companies and Manufacturing and Monitoring of portfolios. A robust monitoring and risk management process ensures checks and balances at every stage. Our experienced and dedicated team of fund managers has constantly worked towards delivering superior long-term risk-adjusted performance.

Our continuous effort to go digital through initiatives like online SIP renewal and fund recommendation tool for Independent Financial Advisors (“IFAs”) ( to name a few) have made investing in mutual funds simpler for the investor. The endeavour has always been to use technology to enhance customer experience and such initiatives have brought us closer to enable and empower our customers.

As the Indian Mutual Fund industry scales new heights, we assure you that L&T Mutual Fund will be partnering every investor to achieve his or her financial goals. We are committed to make Mutual Funds “easy” to understand and “simple” to invest for all our customers. We thank you once again for the incredible support and trust that you have put in us and hope we surpass many more such milestones in the days to come.


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