CEO Speak

Kailash Kulkarni

Many a times we come across customers who seem to be confused as to which scheme of mutual funds should they be investing into or, if they are already invested , they wonder if they have invested into the right funds or not. From retail to high net worth individuals and from first time to seemingly regular investors – a lot of them go through this insecurity and doubt about the choice of funds they have made.


Investment Basics

Average Maturity and Modified Duration

While investing in fixed income funds, one of the key parameters to consider is the interest rate risk associated with the portfolio of the fund which can be quantified using measures such as average maturity and modified duration of a portfolio. In fixed income / bond funds, the two most important sources / drivers of return are: Interest accrual which is the periodic interest or coupon earned from the underlying fixed income securities and ...


Distributor Corner

Nifty @10K - A Journey of the Fast and the Furious



Fund of the month

L&T Infrastructure Fund

Gaining from the thrust on infrastructure sector. INDIA is the world’s 6th largest economy* in absolute GDP terms and one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The role of infrastructure is paramount and foundation stone for any economy to drive forward. Thus, the government has reiterated its focus on infrastructure sector in Union Budget 2017-18 and proposed infrastructure spending of Rs. 3.96 trillion in fiscal 2017-2018* which is expected to positively influence the prospects of the companies ...



Service Updates

Goods & Services Tax (GST) implemented in India effective July 1, 2017

In India, due to the federal structure of the Constitution, the Central Government and the State Government have the power to levy a tax on their respective activities.


Did You Know?

AMFI targets 130 million investor folios by 2025

Industry body Association of Mutual Funds in India has set a target of Rs 95 lakh crore AUM and 130 million investor folios by 2025.The Rs 20-lakh crore domestic mutual fund (MF) industry is eyeing a near fivefold increase in assets under management (AUM) and an over three-time jump in investor accounts over the next eight years.


L&T Infrastructure Fund - An open ended equity growth scheme.

The product is suitable for investors who are seeking*:

  • Long term capital appreciation
  • Investment predominantly in equity and equity-related instruments of companies in the infrastructure sector

*Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.