L&T Cash Fundᵟ

Data as on April 30, 2019

L&T Cash Fund

Data as on April 30, 2019

Fund Details

NAV of Plans/Options
(Data as on April 30, 2019)

Daily Dividend Option - Regular Plan
Weekly Dividend Option - Regular Plan
Monthly Dividend Option - Regular Plan
Growth Option - Regular Plan
Daily Dividend Option - Direct Plan
Weekly Dividend Option - Direct Plan
Monthly Dividend Option - Direct Plan
Growth Option - Direct Plan
Date of Inception :
Regular PlanNovember 27, 2006
Direct PlanJanuary 01, 2013
Total Expense Ratio+ : 0.81% (Regular)
0.10% (Direct)
- Including Additional Expenses, B30 charges and GST on Management Fees
- Total Expense Ratio is as on the last business day of the month
Options• Growth
• Dividend option
(Reinvestment and Payout)
Minimum Application size
Growth and Dividend: Rs 10,000 per application and in multiples of Rs 1 thereafter. In case of Daily Dividend Option, Rs 1,00,000 and in multiples of Rs 1 thereafter.
Additional InvestmentRs 1,000 per application and thereafter in multiples of Rs 1
Minimum Redemption SizeRs 1000 or 1 units
Fund ManagerMr. Jalpan Shah and Mr. Shriram Ramanathan (w.e.f. April 03, 2017)
BenchmarkCRISIL Liquid Fund Index
Monthly Average AUM (Rs In Crs)402.51
Month end AUM(Rs In Crs)403.85

Portfolio Allocation
Name Of Instrument Rating/Industry % to Net Assets

Tri Party Repo Dealing System (TREPS) /Reverse Repo 99.29%
Net Receivable/Payable 0.71%
Net Assets 100.00%
Name Of Instrument Rating/Industry % to Net Assets

Average Maturity: Since the fund invests in overnight securities average maturity is taken as 1 day.
Modified Duration 0.01 years
YTM 6.06%

Pursuant to declaration/ payment of dividend, the NAV will fall to the extent of the payout and statutory levy (if applicable).
Face value Rs1000/-.
Performance of dividend option would be net of Dividend Distribution Tax, as applicable.
Past performance of the aforesaid schemes may or may not be sustained in future.
Please note that the dividend rates mentioned are post applicable dividend distribution tax deduction.

Investment objective:The investment objective of the Scheme is to generate regular returns in line with the overnight rates.ᵟ
Exit Load Nil
ᵟPursuant to the circular issued by SEBI on ‘Categorization and Rationalization of the Schemes, there has been change in the fundamental attribute(s) of the aforesaid effective from May 14, 2018. For details of expenses charged to Retail and Institutional Plans (subscriptions under which are not accepted w.e.f. October 01, 2012), please refer to the respective fund page under “Our Funds”
on our website www.ltfs.com
For details of other funds managed by the Fund Manager and the performance of the schemes, please refer to 'Scheme Performance Section'
+ Please refer to note on expense ratios in 'Fund Manager wise Scheme Details'