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Our purpose at L&T Mutual Fund is to create prosperity for all stakeholders and deliver consistent and superior long-term investment performance... know more
Our commitment to answering different customer needs has resulted in over 27 funds that span asset classes, risk profiles, time horizons and geographies. With a mutual fund suite spanning a wide range of investment opportunities—equity, fixed income, hybrid, domestic and international funds—we are a versatile investment solution provider in the mutual funds industry in India.

Research and fundamental analysis form the core of stock selection and fixed income investing to provide mutual funds that are best equipped to deliver consistent performance. Our proprietary investment process—GEM—comprises three meticulous steps: Generation of ideas, Evaluation of companies and Manufacturing and monitoring of portfolios. This ensures only well-researched investments make it to our funds. Put another way, we build our products on strong foundations so that when you invest in our mutual funds—you invest in happiness.

We are also focused on innovation to keep us ahead. Unique transaction options like Multi-Scheme SIP, Top-Up SIP are only some of the ways in which we are innovating to provide you a best-in-class mutual fund investing experience in India.

Whether your preference is lump sum or SIP, we believe that investing in mutual funds and tracking your portfolio should be easy and convenient. To this end, you now have afully featured online portal to access your investments in L&T Mutual Funds 24x7, request an account statement, transact without submitting a physical paper and more from just about anywhere!

We also strongly believe in helping you take informed decisions when evaluating which is the mutual fund product best suited for your investment needs. Therefore, we continually work towards creative investor education initiatives like the "Smart investment tips" drive inspired by the animal kingdom! Do check out our videos on YouTube for more information. You can also connect with us on Facebook to stay updated and engage with us regularly.

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